Saturday, February 20, 2010


dear speaker....

i think you already extreme..I already tired replying people question ask this and that..why you such as dissatisfied against me??what that had I doing? everyone have carried out mistake ..and you also..

why you like repeat and repeat telling people of the mistake of me? although the fact is you also make the same such as scream in front of the mirror...if you are really my best friend,,why you expect me would be vexed if i know the truth?

I really love this friendship ,untill I only afford close ear so that i do not know what was going on on my back for the sake of our friendship.

now you has got what you want all this while give me some space to breathe...please stop scream out of my fault in to others..

there is has not been manage to recognize me with a lot more closer..there is also those already keep away from me....this is because of your bad mouth...

now I think you already satisfied by what you plsss shut up!!

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